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MSI is a small business with headquarters in Northern Virginia. We provide management consulting and information technology development services aligned to innovation/transformation and high performance operations. MSI’s senior leaders are published thought leaders in their fields of practice with graduate degrees from leading academic institutions including Carnegie Mellon University, Stanford, and MIT. MSI’s services and products leverage our two fundamental core competencies – (1) Management Science and (2) Information Technology. MSI possesses skills in software development, knowledge management, human performance, and change management that when combined with our technical performance improvement skills create a holistic capability for implementing lasting systems of high performance. MSI’s industrial engineering, strategy, design, innovation, and human performance consulting and training services are regularly applied in various business environments with particular strength in IT, Procurement, Logistics, and back office functions. The combination of advanced management science and information technology enables MSI to provide high performance value streams and the business systems that drive self-healing “Systemic Six Sigma” for our clients. As demonstrated by our 97.4% above average performance ratings, our customers agree that MSI delivers results while being an enjoyable company with which to work.

To always add value for our customers

To apply the principles of Lean and Six Sigma Quality to our products and solutions

To promote the use of Quality techniques in business and government

To deliver leading business automation technologies at a reasonable price

To remain experts on business related business processes

100% customer satisfaction


Overachievers, that is the best way to describe our team. From the beginning, we have intentionally hired only the best people with the formal education and experience needed to add value for our customers.

The MSI is comprised of experts in Six Sigma, software development, Web development, database development, supply chain management, operations management, operations research (Lean), Baldrige, CMMi, and TQM. The combination of technical competency and a culture that breeds employee and customer loyalty make 6 Sigma Technology Group your partner to unlock the continuous potential of your business.


MSI is located in Northern Virginia only minutes from Dulles International Airport. Our headquarters location is in the heart of the Dulles technology corridor.

1712 Clubhouse Road, Suite 120

Reston, VA 20190