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Business Process Management


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BPM Solutions delivered by true process experts

Business Process Management (BPM) platforms provide a whole new paradigm in software development and open the door to true end-to-end and top-to-bottom process management.

As Quality / Process Excellence experts, MSI is simply the best partner available for implementation of your BPM initiatives. From definition of your BPM strategy to design, development, implementation, and evolution of BPM processes you must have skilled process experts involved - every step of the way!

Implementation of BPM systems without proper process engineering can lead to a disasterous situation in which functional silos are defined in terms of processes within the BPM system. This is simply not acceptable. Using traditional software methods for BPM implementation can deceive management into thinking that because BPM is in use, the organization is implementing process excellence. When in reality, software developers have simply taken the silo centric requirements gathered from the user community and automated them using BPM.

As experts in BPM, MSI has developed numerous techniques and developed unique skills for BPM implementation. Our methods and techniques for BPM implementation ensure that true end-to-end processes are defined and managed as well as the people and technologies that make these processes work. MSI posseses expertise in various BPM tools to meet the needs of clients from fortune 500 to small business. Some of the techniques used by our team to ensure Quality BPM implementations are listed below.

MSI has helped clients in various industries achieve process excellence faster and cheaper than through traditional training centric methods by using BPM as the center piece of process automation. Success Stories

Techniques used for BPM implementations:

Project Management, Process Engineering, Design, Development -- No matter what your need on BPM implementations, MSI provides the services and support you need.

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