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BPM Solutions Enable Continuous Process Improvement - If implemented properly!

As any Lean Six Sigma Black belt that ever worked on business processes will tell you, "the improve and control phase of Lean Six Sigma are very challenging on transactional business processes." As MSI Black Belts will tell you, "the improve and control phases are no problem if you know how to use BPM tools."

The benefits of using BPM tools as part of your Lean Six Sigma program are many, but typically fall into one of three categories.

  • Strategic process alignment and management (Process Portfolio Management)
  • Design, Implementation, and Control of Lean Six Sigma enabled processes
  • Removal of barriers to process excellence

Examples of these benefits include:

  • A living catalogue of all business processes, their relationships, attributes, and performance
  • Process centric data collection - all actions time stamped, actors captured, rework captured, decisions captured, X variables catalogued and captured
  • The ability to identify each process instance as special or common case and act accordingly
  • LSS reports automated
  • Ability to initiate and track Kaizen responsibilities and actions
  • Reduced process user training
  • Obvious value to process users
  • Elimination of manually controlled and managed process documentation

There are numerous other benefits to using BPM tools and a proper way for the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt to use BPM as part of the toolkit. For more information or a BPM demo, please contact us.