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Customer Satisfaction


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Customer Satisfaction SERVICES

Customer Satisfaction Planning, Design, Analysis, and Surveying Services

MSI employees proven techniques along with innovative methods for defining, analyzing, and implementing customer satisfaction programs. Additionally, MSI can act as a third party customer satisfaction analysis partner tasked with data collection, analysis, and reporting of customer satisfaction data in an unbiased manner.

Two important aspects of our customer satisfaction approach are (1) the correlation of customer satisfaction data with control variables within an organization's outputs and processes, and (2) analysis of satisfaction at key points within the process and over time.

Customer satisfaction management is about implementing a system and a culture focused upon customer satisfaction. To achieve and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction, emphasis must be placed systemically within the people, processes, and technologies used by an organization. Equally as important, customer satisfaction must be managed proactively through an understanding of customer satisfaction drivers, not through the lagging indicators measured by most customer satisfaction surveys.

For example, asking a customer how happy they are with the paint on a product immediately after purchase may yield a different answer than the same question two years after purchase. What is the buying cycle and life span of a product? How will these factors affect the customer's decision to buy again. What product or process variables can be adjusted to ensure satisfaction remains in tact for the duration?

MSI uses state of the art technologies for satisfaction data collection and analysis. Our team is experienced with various on-line surveying tools and analysis tools. Most importantly, we are experienced with taking seemingly un quantifiable, subjective data and finding the quantifiable trends within.

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