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POPP Mentoring


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POPP - Planning Observing Partnering Practicing

The POPP Methodology, MSIs innovative and comprehensive approach to mentoring.  Based on Experiential Learning Theory and leveraging best practices in coaching, teaching, and mentoring, the POPP approach ensures maximum return on your training investment.

Coaching, mentoring, and analysis of CPI Black Belts is conducted throughout the year through both informal and structured coaching and mentoring methods.  Mentoring follows the four phase POPP process in an iterative fashion as each learning module is mastered.

 "Our team has hundreds of years of cumulative Lean Six Sigma experience in training, projects, mentoring, program deployment, strategy, you name it.  This cumulative knowledge brings us to the realization that if your Lean Six Sigma trainees don't add value and don't stick around, you are wasting your time and money with Lean Six Sigma." Said Greg Sieber, President of 6 Sigma Technology Group. "Further, trainees need help for many months after training, making mentoring the bottleneck to expansion for the first several years of program deployment.  If you don't have a comprehensive mentoring, you better have a lot of money to throw at your deployment or have a plan for what to do after your deployment fails."  "A far better idea is to get serious about mentoring and rapid ROI on your Lean Six Sigma investment."


Enabled by our mentoring toolkit and Web based mentoring tracker, POPP ensures development of powerful Lean Six Sigma capability.

 Structured mentoring

  • Consistency in quality of mentoring
  • Visibility into trainee capability
  • Regular trainee progress reports
  • Comprehensive reporting on organizational Lean Six Sigma capability
  • Geometric expansion of organizational Lean Six Sigma capacity


These are some of the many benefits of adopting the POPP process.  Please call or email for a presentation on this breakthrough approach to mentoring that is already transforming the way organizations deploy Lean Six Sigma.