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Product Management Solutions

With years of experience in product management and product development in numerous industries, MSI delivers proven product management solutions that ensure design, development, and management of successful products.

MSI has devised a product management approach and set of tools driving Six Sigma centric product management. Our approach ensures proper evaluation, design, rollout, management, and evolution of products and services. The key to successful product management is to provide competent managers and processes for the complete breadth and depth of the product lifecycle. Then, the comprehensive product management methods must be integrated into an overall product roadmap and corporate strategy.

Some of the issues covered by our approach include:

  • The role of product management
  • The role of product development
  • Obtaining and evaluating product ideas
  • Design for Six Sigma
  • Holistic product definition (documentation, training, resources...)
  • Resource management
  • Performance management (product and process metrics)
  • Contractor/supplier selection and management
  • Incorporation of quality processes
  • Customer satisfaction analysis

Our comprehensive approach to product management is delivered by experienced product managers, certified Project Management Professionals (PMP's), and Six Sigma Black Belts assuring that creation of a useful, continuously improving product management organization.

MSI's wealth of product management tools and techniques are available to our customers as part of product management consulting solutions as well as stand alone tools. Contact us to learn more.