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Project Management


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Project Management Solutions

A best of breed approach to project management using techniques from Six Sigma, PMI, and the best project management tools available.

A significant part of the S3PTM Methodology is comprehensive project management. By combining the best project management techniques from proven methods as well as real world experience with industrial construction, engineering, and software development, MSI has designed a project management approach acounting for all aspects of a project.

Some of the issues covered by our approach include:

  • Cost management and reporting
  • Resource management
  • Performance management (product and process metrics)
  • Risk management
  • Change management
  • Contract management
  • Incorporation of quality processes
  • Scheduling and cycle time analysis

Quality Techniques Employed in IT Include:

Our comprehensive approach to project management is delivered by certified Project Management Professionals (PMP's) and Six Sigma Black Belts assuring that projects are planned and delivered sucessfully.

As shown in the simplified project management triangle, by managing the elements of a successful project in concert a quality project and quality outputs are assured.

The MSI team contains PMI certified Project Management Professionals and decades of experience in project management. Further, we have developed a project management approach that incorporates many of the techniques used in Six Sigma. For example, our approach calls for the creation of a project charter, part of which establishes quantifiable metrics for the project itself determined by all stakeholders. This simple technique achieves several goals not the least of which is providing a holistic understanding of the Quality drivers for the project. We also identify the elements deemed critical to quality, the cost, time, and performance measures for the project, the outputs, and the management of the outputs are all accounted. Integrated into this project management approach is a set of tools and templates used by our project managers. These tools and templates are made available to our customers for use on projects. Clients can purchase project management as an overlay service guiding internal or third party resources, or as part of our overall solution.

MSI's wealth of project management tools and techniques are available to our cutomers as part of various IT and quality projects as well as stand alone tools and project management services. Contact us to learn more.