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Quality Consulting SERVICES

What is Quality? --- At MSI, We know the answer.

The answer to this question will vary for every process, organization, and customer. At MSI, we posess the techniques and knowledge necessary to help clients identify the attributes related to things such as performance, cost, customer satisfaction, and competitive positioning that ultimately yield a quantifiable measure of Quality.

Today, near perfect performance, as measured from the customers’ perspective is mandatory for success in hyper competitive and budget constrained environments.

Businesses and Government are proving that continuous performance improvement in alignment with customer needs is mandatory for success in today's environment. MSI provides performance improvement services leveraging proven disciplines such as Six Sigma, Lean, Theory on Constraints, Voice of the Customer, Baldrige, and more. Additionally, our consulting projects often incorporate various forms of information technology to automate processes and the process of analysis and continuous improvement.

Our Quality consultants include and array of experts including Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belts as well as individuals trained in the formal philosophies and tactics of Quality Management. Additionally, we are experienced with FDA/GMP, ITIL, ISO, TOC, CMM, UML, ABC/ABM, Baldrige, operations research, and business process re-engineering techniques. Our people are proven practitioners that have operated businesses with P&L responsibility. We are experienced with implementation of performance improvement systems from within, yielding practical, effective solutions.

This unique combination of formal Quality experience and education combined with our knowledge of technology make the MSI team a powerful ally.