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Rapid Evaluation


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Rapid Evaluation Solutions

A solution of prescribed advanced techniques and experienced consultants that rapidly and accurately diagnose the strengths and weaknesses of an organization's processes, people, and technology

MSI has performed numerous organizational evaluations such that we have developed a unique method for rapidly investigating, analyzing, and reporting upon the overall health of an organization and its outputs. Rapid evaluations typically last from one to four months and focus upon a department, or select set of processes within a larger organization. In some cases, the solution is provided for entire organizations when the organization is a smaller start-up or other small to mid size business.

Rapid evaluations begin with the establishment of a clear set of organizational capabilities to be evaluated, such as the ability to build new products, or to support a new client base. A series of on-site interviews, systems reviews, documentation reviews, and customer interviews are conducted in parallel with technical evaluation of procedural outputs such as a software product. Subsequently, MSI uses proprietary techniques for quantifying the data collected, conducts various forms of analysis such as COPQ, CTQ, and more to develop a representation of the organization that sheds new light on organizational capability.

The result of the evaluation project is a report package containing analysis, findings, conclusions, and recommendations for improvement. Additionally, key elements of the organization are rated on a four point system with illustrative examples of what drives the ratings.

As illustrated above, our rapid evaluation solution builds a holistic understanding of an organizations suppliers, inputs, people, processes, technologies, outputs, and customers. The effectiveness and efficiency of these elements are evaluated with regard to cost, cycle time, and various performance criteria.