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Statistical Analysis


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Practical Statistical Analysis

Statistical modeling and analysis is a core element of world class Quality process management. It is a fundamental tenant of Six Sigma and is a regular part of management in the world's top organizations. The ability to understand business inputs, internal attributes, outputs, customers, and partners through meaningful and usable statistical analysis enables organizations to reach the highest levels of effectiveness and efficiency. Effective quantification of business processes provide major benefits.

The ability to predict the Quality of outputs
The ability to quickly identify "real" root causes
The ability to identify issues before they become problems 
The ability to identify special cases
The ability to improve processes and their outputs

From simple percentages to complex regression modeling of multiple processes, MSI helps organizations define and implement analysis systems that deliver meaningful and useable information. Our statistical methods and recommendations are designed to meet several key criteria:

Appropriate Level of Complexity
Actionable Information
Systemic Data Collection and Reporting
Horizontal and Vertical Relationships identified and reported upon

There are numerous approaches and techniques for quantifying business costs, performance, and efficiency - SQC/SQA, ABM, Regression, etc. None of these methods are the complete answer each has strengths and weaknesses and some are redundant with others. Hence, selecting the proper methods for quantifying your organization is a daunting task.

At MSI we are experts at defining the measurable aspects of seemingly un-measurable processes and implementing effective analysis and reporting technologies. These solutions give process owners the information needed to manage without becoming statisticians themselves.