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Transactional Lean Six Sigma


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continuous improvement for for business processes

Transactional Six Sigma, Six Sigma for Soft Processes, Six Sigma for Services - Call it what you will, Six Sigma is a method for success in all processes.

Only two percent of all processes in the United States are manufacturing processes.

Numerous corporations have benefited from the increased efficiency, higher quality, and improved customer relationships delivered by Six Sigma. Most of these corporations have reaped these benefits through implementation of Six Sigma in the manufacturing environment. As consumers, we see the results of Six Sigma in products that meet our needs, last longer, are priced affordably, and are available where and when we want them. Most people enjoy the benefits of Six Sigma when using pagers, cars, cell phones, and printers and never even realize it.

Today, the world class corporations that implemented Six Sigma for manufacturing processes are implementing Six Sigma in the non-manufacturing environment on soft processes such as IT management, HR, Finance, sales, and service. They are doing this because they realize that no matter how good your manufacturing processes are, if soft processes are of poor quality, the company and its customers will suffer.

Why is Six Sigma Important for Soft Processes?

  • Soft processes are the ones that touch customers and suppliers
  • Soft processes initiate manufacturing and distribute the products of manufacturing
  • Soft processes often have fewer transactions and these transactions are of greater value
  • Soft processes are human centric and are full of variance and special cases, science must be applied to reduce and manage this variance
  • In non-manufacturing industries, there are only soft processes
  • Soft processes manage your money!

In most corporations, the quality of soft processes is critical to success. Yet implementation of Six Sigma in such environments is no easy task and you typically only get one shot at it. This is why MSI focuses on the implementation of Six Sigma in soft processes, and the automation of such processes. Our methodology is specifically designed for the successful implementation Six Sigma in non-manufacturing environments, our technologies are focused on building measurable processes, and our people are uniquely qualified to build creative Six Sigma centric solutions that deliver a high performance organization.