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IT System Development


System: A group of devices or artificial objects or an organization forming a network especially for distributing something or serving a common purpose <a telephone system> <a heating system> <a highway system> <a data processing system>

In the context of a business process, a software application by itself does not make a system.

Rather, the business process system is a combination of the people, the processes, and the technology - at a minimum. It is from this perspective that MSI offers System Development Services. System development is the contstruction of engnieered processes and applications in an integrated fashion yielding automated processes that meet unique business needs and provide the data needed for growth.

The core of our process automation offering, System Development and Integration is the process of transforming specifications into a working process and application. Our team of experts perform process engineering, process implementation, application coding, integration, functional testing, quality tool implementation, regression/load testing, and deployment.

These functions are performed under the guidelines of our S3P MethodologyTM, integrating performance metrics, maintain-ability, and continuous improvement tools into the solution.

MSI possesses capabilities in numerous software technologies including the major database management systems, .Net, Java, portal servers, and application servers. Additionally, MSI has developed tremendous depth in application development by using Business Process Management (BPM) platforms. In many cases, the automation of a soft process is optimally achieved through use of a BPM platform. This approach provides a cost effective way to ensure the process is designed to meet the exact needs of the client, is flexible, provides data needed for process improvement, and is easily intgrated with other automated processes.

This process centric approach to application development is called Process Oriented DesignTM (POD). Learn more about POD.