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IT System Testing


Expert Software Testing Services

6 Sigma Technology Group delivers industry leading application and infrastructure testing services.

The fact is, there are a lot of companies that can run test tools and find the breaking points in a software system. At MSI we go beyond simple test, record, and report. True to Quality philosophy, we have developed software testing techniques and processes that seek to determine root causes and reduce the need for testing. Ask most developers how to improve software Quality and you will likely hear "do more testing." In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. This attitude is the same as that associated with the tremendous waste, cost, and poor performance prevalent in American manufacturing prior to the Quality revolution.

Testing in Quality is never the right way!

MSI's approach incorporates our unique methods for documenting manually and systemically discovered defects in such as way that all defects can be analyzed for interrelationships and quantified in various ways. Further, our approach incorporates interaction with design and development teams, working with them in the resolution of root causes through implementation of new processes and techniques. Lastly, we work with design teams to develop Design For Six Sigma (DFSS) methods that ultimately reduce development time, reduce testing time, and generate top Quality software systems.

There are no bugs in Software -- Face it, they are defects.

Our software testing services include:

  • Development of Testing Processes and Teams
  • Development of Testing Reports
  • Test Tool Selection
  • Corrective Action Processes
  • Hands on Testing

The Result - A significantly more efficient and effective software organization. Level loaded resource utilization, less rework, better software, reduced maintenance costs

MSI deploys Quality and IT consultants in a flexible approach. We provide process experts such as Six Sigma Black Belts and CMMi experts to help define processes and techniques followed by technicians to run testing. Subsequently, data may be analyzed by process experts, presentations made, and processes re-engineered as needed. MSI is the only firm that can provide you with the information on what is wrong with a software system and then help implement the changes to permanently remove software problems.