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IT Services Overview


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Every software system automates a process; and Every process, efficiency, or Quality improvement project involves use of software systems

MSI has developed a suite of services in both management and information technology consulting. The services are offered individually or as an integrated suite. Management consulting services such as evaluations, establishing Six Sigma programs, and process engineering are often the starting point.

However, in today's business environment clients need a consulting partner that can go to the next level and actually implement the plans derived from evaluations and designs. This is where our expertise in software development and implementation come in. By joining the most comprehensive process Quality engineering techniques (Six Sigma) with advanced software development capabilities to deliver automated processes that are efficient, visible, manageable, and continuously improving, MSI is able to help clients understand their business and build processes and and systems that achieve success.

Our suite of services leverage our two primary core competencies:

  • Operations Excellence (Six Sigma, TQM, Baldrige, Lean)
  • Information Systems Development and Integration

Our services cover Quality and technology consulting, design, development, and management of custom process centric solutions. These services are integrated with the S3P MethodologyTM, addressing the quality of the solution at very phase. Our emphasis is on total quality through a fully engineered, tested, and evolving solution.

For ultimate solution support, leverage our complete suite of services, or enhance your team with any number of our services.

We identify a productive system/process architecture integrating sensible quality measurement and analysis during the design phase, build a measurable solution, continuously monitor and test the production environment at the application layer and below, and follow up with predictive analysis culminating in a monthly set of recommendations for system evolution.

Proactive/predictive performance analysis makes a difference

If a buyer purchases 12 dozen items through your system, and this purchase in some way violates their purchasing authority ( monthly amount, product type, etc) a series of events must take place, the first of which is likely a notification to his supervisor. Is it important to measure the performance of this notification? Absolutely! Failure of this simple process has customer satisfaction and cash flow implications. Our team works with you to identify such critical functionality during the analysis and design of your solution and then integrates the tools and process to monitor and improve such critical elements of the solution.