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S3P Overview


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The most comprehensive "system" development and management methodology ever devised

Adopting Deming's "Systems View" of how things work, MSI has created a "System" development and management methodology accounting for the inputs, people, processes, technologies, and outputs associated with a given system.

"Software is not a System." Software is a critical part of most all business systems, but it is not the entire system. To survive and operate, software needs inputs, users, processes, and other technologies. Insufficient attention to these critical elements is one of the primary reasons all of the software development methodologies ever devised continue to yield defect laden, hard to use software applications.

6 Sigma Technology Group’s S3P MethodologyTM is a comprehensive guide for planning, building, controlling, and improving business processes and the information systems that drive them. Vertically, the S3P accounts for the major elements of any system from strategy through management. These elements of any system are: Suppliers, Inputs, Processes, Outputs, and Customers. Within each of these elements, we must address the People, Processes, and Technologies used and available.

Horizontally, the S3P accounts for every aspect of the entire solution lifecycle. The methodology is based upon Six Sigma, while incorporating CMM, SDLC, and industrial engineering techniques for a best of breed methodology addressing every aspect of a Quality system. S3PTM is an acronym for Six Sigma for Soft Processes. The methodology is applied to business processes, Quality processes, and information technology processes to deliver a truly complete solution regardless of the level of technology deployed.

At the core of the methodology is our focus on planning for quality, building for quality, controlling quality, and improving quality. As such, this comprehensive methodology incorporates identification of key processes, associated quality metrics, quality measurement tools, and quality analysis techniques from inception through evolution. Lastly, the S3P MethodologyTM is a flexible engineering process that can be tailored to fit the job, delivering the right amount of analysis, measurement, testing, documentation, and quality process to meet your needs.