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Transactional Statistics


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MSI uses revolutionary techniques for statistical analysis and management of transactional processes

MSI specializes in the application of proven Quality management techniques such as those of Six Sigma upon process off the shop floor, processes such as those found in sales, delivery, support, marketing, and human resources. It has been demonstrated that the application of Quality management is equally if not more important on transactional processes than to their manufacturing counterparts.

However, Six Sigma has proven significantly more difficult to implement off the shop floor. The reasons are many, but lie within a few root causes. Two of these root causes as (1) data and (2) human behavior. MSI possesses simple and effective techniques for conquering these challenges making transactional Six Sigma a reality, not just a buzz word.

Through use of the S3P MethodologyTM, MSI incorporates innovative techniques for obtaining data, applying quantitative measures to seemingly un-quanitfiable information, identifying significant measures, data collection techniques, and meaningful reports. For example, MSI created the Critical Value Driving Process (CVDP) approach to implementation of statistical analysis and process management. MSI also uses a key decision point approach for collecting data on human behavior and integrates techniques that identify process variables differentiating control variables from others and building relationships between process and output variables. MSI's work in this area is proven to drive cost savings, increased effectiveness, and increases customer satisfaction in record time.

Further, our innovative use of information technology such as BPM enables our clients to collect and analyze process data with accuracy and ease. By using our process excellence centric approach to "system" engineering processes traditionally considered an un-manageable art are engineered to efficient and effective science. By system, we mean all elements of the system including, people, processes, and technology.

Some of our techniques in this area include:

  • Collection, segmentation, analysis, and reporting of existing data volumes
  • Idnetification of process variables both X and Y
  • Integration of X and Y(cost, time, performance) variable data collection in automated processes
  • Implementation of Special Cause detection and alert systems
  • Identification of Critical Value Driving Processes
  • Identification and data collection of key decision variables

Ultimately, MSI's unique abilities in the area of collecting data and biulding statistical models on transactional processes means our clients are able to quickly and easily realize the benegits of transactional Six Sigma with less training and less cultural change.

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