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Every organization has a unique set of objectives, constraints, and capabilities. No one methodology for project management, systems development, or any form of engineering is one-size-fits-all.

World class organizations modify proven methods into a custom methodology that best serves their organization.

MSI has developed a comprehensive methodology for process systems engineering and management called Six Sigma for Soft Processes (S3PTM). Our approach is Six Sigma centric, but borrows ideas and techniques from operations research (lean), TQM, CMM, Baldrige, and some techniques of our own creation. Similarly, our customers see the need to develop a customized approach for achieving their objectives. Those objectives may be software systems development and management, program management, product management/development, technical field services, or nearly any other complex project oriented environment.

MSI uses our S3PTM methodology and the MSI ToolKit as an accelerator to help customers rapidly define and implement custom methods that increase effectiveness and efficiency while fostering creativity and providing management with the data needed for continual improvement.

Elements of a Quality Methodology:

  • Emphasizes function over formality
  • Fosters creativity
  • Strives for zero defects
  • Accounts for strategic concerns
  • Accounts for theory of constraints (related processes)
  • Focuses upon improvement of controlled set of processes
  • Emphasizes data based decision making
  • Comprehensive designs
  • Design phase enables management phase
  • Emphasizes continual improvement
  • Emphasizes employee empowerment
  • Requires a holistic definition of Quality (effectiveness and efficiency)
  • Customer satisfaction is critical
  • Critical/breakthrough thinking is employed
  • No truth is too holy
  • Process centric