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Areas of Excellence


Process areas in which we excel

The following is a list of process areas in which our team possesses a large amount of expertise.

This list changes as our organization grows, so contact us if the process area you seek is not listed or check back at a later date.

• Quality Management
• IT Quality – cost, performance, satisfaction, measurement, improvement, testing, evaluation, culture – CMMi (incorporation of Six Sigma techniques in CMMi L4 and 5)
• Software Processes (development, content management, configuration mgt)
• Customer support 
• Field services/operations, technical operations 
• Product management and product development 
• Logistics / Supply Chain Management 
• Procurement 
• Sales Processes 
• Marketing 
• Software systems design and development (Design for Six Sigma) 
• Lean operations 
• Creation and implementation of measurement systems 
• Discrete Manufacturing 
• Medical Equipment Implementation and Support 
• Cost management and measurement, finance 
• Process engineering 
• Process automation 
• Project management 

• Telecommunications 
• Discrete Manufacturing
• Software
• Education
• Finance
• Healthcare
• Military
• Government operations