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Government Solutions


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Solutions for a more efficient Federal Government

Now more than ever, Government agencies both Federal and local must perform with great effectiveness and within a defined budget. By using sound management and process engineering techniques, MSI enables governments to operate more securely, with greater efficiency, and maximum effect.

MSI has provided performance improvement and analytical services to numerous Federal, State, and Local government organizations. With our emphasis on providing value and a willingness to roll up our sleeves and get things done, we have developed a reputation as the no nonsense, honest brokers of government solutions.

MSI solutions tailored for government include:

  • Lean Six Sigma Services for DoD
  • Lean Six Sigma Training for DoD
  • Lean Six Sigma Training for Government IT organizations
  • Enterprise Architecture and Lean Six Sigma Integration
  • ITIL and Lean Six Sigma for Government
  • Organizational assessments and evaluations
  • Lifecycle logistics and systems engineering
  • Government Strategy and Goal Deployment
  • Creating a Value Stream Centric Organization

Our services are delivered by highly experienced, well trained professionals with decades of experience. This team of experts has driven high performance in numerous government organizations including the agency supporting the highest level of Federal Government, the US Army, the United States Marine Corps, National Institutes of Health, Arlington County Virginia, and more.