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The first system to manage security and performance of technical vendors in secure buildings

MSI GateKeeperTM is the only software application designed to automate and manage the processes associated with performing work within secure facilities. GateKeeperTM provides the ability to effectively ensure that only approved workers enter secure facilities, that such workers perform as expected, when expected, and where expected. GateKeeperTM provides security personnel with the preventative data needed to ensure only approved persons carrying large containers such as tool boxes enter buildings while providing management with the knowledge of which vendors are the most secure and most efficient.


  • Inspect large containers before they enter the building
  • Plan and manage the flow of workers in all facilities
  • Develop statistical security ratings for vendors
  • Develop statistical performance ratings for vendors
  • Eliminate the paper work and human effort (cost) associated with obtaining work site approval
  • Significantly reduce work approval process time
  • Ensure only approved vendors and their personnel perform work on-site
  • Ensure vendors work in approved locations
  • Ensure vendors leave the premises by the prescribed time
  • Obtain statistical reports needed to understand why vendors do things that affect security and performance
  • Manage location profiles and access requirements
  • Manage all vendor contact and profile information from a single resource
  • Forecast work loads and site traffic


  • Risk of hazardous materials or explosives entering the building up to the security station is drastically reduced
  • Lives saved
  • Infrastructure protected
  • Costs of approving vendor access requests, extensions, and changes are drastically reduced
  • Cycle time associated with access approval is drastically reduced
  • Data needed for vendor contract negotiations
  • Less re-work and re-visits
  • More efficient planning for projects, maintenance, and quality control
GateKeeper Details

The first system to manage security and performance of technical vendors in secure buildings

MSI GateKeeperTM is used by corporations such as telecommunications to manage access and work within secure POPs, data centers, and operations centers. Telecommunications companies using GateKeeper have used GateKeeperTM to save hundreds of thousands of dollars within the first few months of operation. The largest implementation of GateKeeper to date paid for itself within the first three months.

GateKeeperTM can be used by military and civilian Government organizations to ensure that only approved vendors enter building at the prescribed time and location, reducing the risk posed by inspecting packages only after they enter secure Government facilities. With the continuing pressure on Government organizations to become more efficient, GateKeeperTM provides Government organizations with the data and tools needed to drive efficiency into the costly processes of building maintenance.


Registration Module: 
Vendors are invited to apply for system use by your organization. A selected Vendor administrator completes the Vendor registration form on-line. The information in this application is then routed to the proper personnel for review and approval. Once all approvals are given, the system activates the Vendor company as an approved organization in the system.

Once the Vendor organization is approved in the system, the hidden URL and Vendor registration code are delivered to the Vendor administrator. This information can be used by employees working for this Vendor to apply for use of the system. Users will complete the user application form which is then routed to designated personnel for review and approval. Once the user is approved electronically by the required personnel, the system will activate them and allow them access.

Access Request: 
Approved users can complete access requests on-line by completing a series of comprehensive access request forms. These forms collect information related to the type, nature, location, time, and duration of work to be performed. The system also analyzes user inputs for requests that violate work time rules, or conflict with site limitations. The information provided within the access request is routed dynamically to the appropriate personnel in your organization based on the type, nature, and location of the work to be performed. Once all approvers have agreed, the application is approved and the user is emailed with the details of approval. Users can manage access requests on-line. Users are provided with the ability to view, cancel, save templates, and request changes to access permits.

On the day and time that approved services are to tbe delivered, the system sends notification to site and security personnel on a scheduled interval. For example, a security guard may receive a message that User Z with Vendor X is due to arrive in fifteen minutes, the again at five minutes prior to arrival time, etc. The security gaurd is then responsible for watching outside the doors to ensure that no one with toolboxes or large containers enter the building unless the system has told them the person is arriving, and only at the prescribed time. Optionally, the system can notify security or operations personnel to check on Vendor workers to ensure they are working in the locations specified. At the prescribed work completion time, the system will notify security personnel that the Vendor should be checking out and will send security alerts if the Vendor does not check out within a prescribed amount of time. When Vendors check out, it is noted in the system and security personnel ensure that Vendors are leaving with everything they brought into the building. All through this process, data is collected on the performance and security compliance of the Vendor.

QC and Close:
After work has been completed, Vendors are required to complete a simple form indicating that the job is done. From this, personnel responsible for ensuring that the work was completed in a satisfactory manner can inspect work, note problems, and then accpet, reject, or accept the work with some exceptions. This informtion can be routed to accounting, operations or other departments concerned with the financial and operational aspects of accepting and paying for Vendor services and related equipment. This module of the system allows your organization to forecast QC inspections, to track unsatisfactory work, and to ensure proper recording and delivery of job acceptance information.

GateKeeperTM collects data on what what Six Sigma professionals call X and Y variables and then provides comprehensive reports on this data. Further, the system collects reason code and reject code data on what we call key decision points, such as the decision to cancel an approved permit, the reason for rejecting a permit, or the decision to extend work dates. What this means is that GateKeeperTM incorporates a six sigma centric appraoch to data collection and then uses this data to provide a moderate level of six sigma like reports. The system reports on volumes of activity by type and location, defects, the reasons for defects, cycle times, and security conformance. This information can be further defined by Vendor, region, or location. By combining this data with the attributes collected on the process inputs and activities, a true process model identifying can be built by process engineers. Only MSI with our knowledge of process excellence techniques and software development capailities could build such an application that is designed to collect and report upon the information needed for contiual improvement while drastically improving the operating process itself.

Design and Management:
GateKeeperTM provides you with the ability to customize the forms, requirements, escalations, users, and processes associated with Vendor access, delivery, and QC/Close. While defining the input forms, roles, and process steps you are able to identify the variables to later be used for reporting and process improvement.