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MSI Toolkit


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Methods, Tools, and Techniques From Decades of Experience

MSI enables rapid deployment of Six Sigma centric methodologies through our MSI Tool Kit.

The Tool Kit contains everything from procedural documents, training tools, templates, and presentation materials to technical tools and methods. Additionally, the Methodology Tool Kit contains the software tools chosen by MSI to be integral parts of any process excellence methodology (Minitab, etc.). Possibly the most important element of the tool kit is a baseline automated methodology which can be used to place your custom methodology on-line as a working application that manages your process engineering and management projects.

The ToolKit contains all of the typical tools used by Six Sigma professionals around the world as well as unique tools developed by MSI. The Toolkit is continually improving with new and improved tools. The following is a list of many of the items found in the kit.


  • Methodology Documentation
  • Project Charter
  • Project Plans for various types of projects
  • Project estimation tool (Proxy Based Estimating)
  • Analysis and Definition Tools
    • SIPOC
    • Process Mapping
    • State Diagrams
    • COPQ
    • CTQ
    • Cause and Effect
    • Capability
    • Qualitative Mapping and Categorization (Stratification)
  • Measurement Tools
    • Bar Charts
    • Pareto
    • Control Charts
    • Statistical Analysis Software in Excel and Minitab
  • Re-Engineering Tools
    • Flow Charts
    • Business Process Automation (BPM) Software
    • Training plans and materials
    • Presentations
    • Process Re-engineering methods and techniques
  • Management and Control Tools
    • Reporting techniques
    • Control Charts
    • Evaluation Methods
    • Special Case Alerting Techniques
    • Quality evaluation methods


  • Significanlty reduced cost in building Quality methods and techniques
  • Reduced time in implementing quality methods
  • Proven tools and techniques increasing effectiveness of Quality programs