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Juran's Trilogy


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Juran's Trilogy

Juran's Trilogy is possibly the most simple, complete, and pure representation of managing for Quality ever devised. The trilogy exemplifies the essence of Quality. It completely meets its objective in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

Quality Planning

The process for designing products, services, and processes to meet new breakthrough goals;

Quality Control

The process for meeting goals during operations;

Quality Improvement

The process for creating breakthroughs to unprecedented levels of performance.

At MSI, Juran's Trilogy plays a major role in everything we do. When creating the S3PTM Methodology, we started with Juran's Trilogy with the goal of ensuring our approach comprehensively addresses all three phases of the trilogy.

While Juran's Trilogy is simple and accurate, it is important to understand that the elements represented are infinite and layered. To properly implement products, services, and processes according to Juran's ideal, one must understand that the Trilogy is three dimensional and limitless. For example, the Quality Planning phase of a new market offering will consist of Quality Planning for products, services, processes, suppliers, distribution partners, etc for delivery of the offering. On another layer, this phase must also plan for the support and maintainability of the offering. On yet another layer, the planning phase must account for design and integration of data collection, control, improvement processes, people, and technologies. Finally, the planning phase must design for evaluation of the planning phase itself. In this simple example, we see four layers of Quality Planning. This phase will be iterated and improved with every cycle (minimally) and within each cycle (optimally). The same is true of all other phases.

We recommend a deep understanding of Juran's Trilogy as an early study for any new Quality professional.

Juran Trilogy in Operations

The above illustrates how Juran's Trilogy drives control of processes, reduced QC costs, reduced operating costs, and the cyclical nature of the approach.

Juran's Trilogy is the most elegant representation of what Quality is truly about.