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Six Sigma Deployment


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Six Sigma Deployment Solutions

MSI delivers the experience, methods, and tools needed to rapidly deploy a functional, highly automated, and value adding Six Sigma program within any organization.

MSI's focus upon the use of Six Sigma and Lean methods on non-manufacturing processes for nearly two decades gives us a unique advantage. MSI has developed proven tools and methods for building and operating an effective and efficient organization. Our solution for designing and deploying operations excellence within your organization includes everything from defining objectives; creating a strategy for success; building a training program; to identifying tools, methodolgy, and personell. Further, this solution incorporates best-of-breed products for Lean Six Sigma, project management, process automation, statistical analysis, and more.

Some of the items included in this solution set include:

  • On-line MSI Tookit
  • S3P MethodologyTM
  • On-line Lean Six Sigma Forum
  • Rapid Evaluation Methods and Tools
  • Minitab
  • Business Process Management Software
  • Tailored Training Program
  • On-line training materials and tools