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Six Sigma Resources


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Tools, Techniques, and Resources

This listing of tools and resources is provided for use by our Quality Zone members. The resources contained on this page are a combination of items built by MSI and those discovered by our professionals and made available to you from this comprehensive list.

Stuff Every Quality Pro Should Know

Deming's 14 Points
Juran Trilogy
System of Profound Knowledge (Deming)
Top Ten Lies of Six Sigma 
Systems Approach (Deming)
Statistical Process Control / Statistical Quality Control
Primary Six Sigma Methods    Other Methods
Baldrige National Quality Award and Criteria

There is obviously a lot more Quality professionals need to know. This is a sampling of some of the major concepts that shape the modern Quality profession.


Deming Institute
International Society of Six Sigma Professionals (ISSSP)
American Society for Quality (ASQ)
iSix Sigma 
Six Sigma Forum

Suggested Reading for Beginners

Six Sigma Journey From Art to Science, Larry L. Walters
Quality by Design, Juran
Six Sigma Way, Peter S. Pande et al
Six Sigma Way Team Field Book, Peter S. Pande et al

Interesting Links

SQC/SPC for Software Processes 
BPM Today 
Quality Glossary