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Drive cost effective implementation of comprehensive systems.

The business landscape has become more complex than ever. Revenue is harder to generate, customers are fickle, and new technologies complicate decision making. Add to this the need to get more with less from your critical business processes, and the management challenge is greater than ever.

At MSI, we believe the confusing array of business technologies are secondary to sound business knowledge and proven business practices. "It is all about the processes." This is why we employ TQM/Six Sigma and business management experts with e-business technology experience and focus on a defined market.

MSI has created various solution sets designed to rapidly deliver capabilities to our clients. These solution sets may consist of any combination of processes, tools, documentation, and technologies. However, the most important elements of our solutions are the innovative intellectual concepts, conceived by MSI, making our solutions powerful business changing initiatives.

Among these solutions are Process Automation, Methodology Development, e-Government, Six Sigma for IT, IT Evaluation, Six Sigma Product Management, Operations Evaluation, Process Portfolio ManagementTM (PPM), Process Oriented DesignTM (POD), and Six Sigma for Soft Processes (S3PTM). Within the solutions pages, you will find explanations of these concepts and how they can drive your organization to Six Sigma Quality.

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