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Management Science & Innovation (MSI) has provided performance improvement solutions to Government and Industry since 2002.   MSI is the premier small business for Governmental performance improvement with numerous large scale agency improvement programs to our credit.  MSI actually implements Lean Six Sigma on a daily basis, working in the trenches with process owners and other various stakeholders.  MSI’s record of success lies in our drive for value and willingness to disrupt the status quo.  Similar to our hands on performance improvement support services, our training services incorporate industry best practices and our unique methods for success that can only be derived from more than a decade of Governmental experience.  

Working with clients, we often hear “I took the class from XYZ, but most of it seemed like it did not apply here.  We are not in manufacturing.”  This statement made by many of our clients is often true, because Lean Six Sigma comes from manufacturing and many of the knowledgeable people in the profession work or train in manufacturing.  Our approach to Lean Six Sigma (and our training classes) use techniques we have developed, techniques designed specifically for applying Lean Six Sigma to front office and back office processes such as sales, order entry, service, technical support, contracting, billing, human resources, and finance.  Our team excels at applying Lean Six Sigma to transactiional processes, and are experts at developing and working with meaningful service process metrics.  This focus on transactional Lean Six Sigma, in alignment with the fundamental tenets of Six Sigma, has allowed us to become masters of this domain.  Although some of our team members started their Lean Six Sigma journey somewhere in the manufacturing industry, all have spent many years applying and adapting these methods to non-manufacturing processes.  

Our successful approach the performance improvement training is driven by six key attributes of our approach.

  1. An action-oriented hybrid approach that incorporates extensive on-the-job training
  2. A redefining of the typical performance improvement roles, allowing the majority of trainees to apply practical tools to their work quickly and easily
  3. Defining a relationship between training and value added
  4. Creation of internal coaches and mentors that drive geometric growth of performance improvement
  5. Capacity-based and risk/value balanced model for training deployment
  6. A handful of masters that continuously expand the knowledge base and push the envelope through experimentation and introduction of new concepts.

MSI has built a substantial body of knowledge for performance improvement which incorporates the details of how to properly include and measure each of these core attributes.  The MSI approach to training ensures a training program with its finger on the pulse of value, expanding via a logical event/value driven decision model and creating a web of motivated people implementing practical tools in the workplace and integrating knowledge in the executive suite.

MSI can build a custom training program to meet your needs or you can enroll for one of our standard training classes below.


§         MSI is a small business

§         Credit card purchases available

§         MSI has a GSA MOBIS contract, Contract #: GS-10F-0022S.  Our GSA catalog can be accessed at the following link.


Check the following links for more detailed course descriptions:

    Executive-Level CPI Training

        Lean Six Sigma Executive Seminar

        Lean Six Sigma Executive Champion Training

        Value Stream Management Executive Training

   Hoshin Kanri Training

        Hoshin Kanri Strategic Planning and Goal Deployment

        Hoshin Kanri Quick Start Training Package

   Lean Six Sigma "Belt" Training

        Lean Six Sigma White Belt

        Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt

        Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

        Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

    Supplemental CPI/LSS Training

        Lean Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) for Service and Transactional Processes Overview

        Lean for Service and Transactional Processes

        Rapid Improvement Event (RIE) Facilitation

        Minitab Data Analysis

        One-Day Specialized CPI Training Modules