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Hoshin Kanri Quick Start


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A Comprehensive workshop in Strategy Deployment

MSI’s Hoshin Kanri training is designed for all levels of management from team leaders and branch chiefs to the highest level of executive-leadership.  This course and the related action learning workshops emphasizing the business value of Hoshin Kanri planning and the critical role Hoshin Kanri plays in world class Lean organizations and Strategic Planning. Foundationally, the class educates attendees on the fundamentals and application of Hoshin Kanri in an organization.  Further, the class imparts the knowledge necessary to successful implementation, avoidance of common mistakes, and integration of Hoshin Kanri with Lean Six Sigma and balanced scorecards.  Class room training is followed by a series of workshops at the executive and management levels in which students experience action learning and apply Hoshin Kanri tools and techniques with the support of our trainers to create the first pass of totally participative goals.


  • Educate attendees on the fundamental value and use of Hoshin Kanri
  • Educate attendees on the fundamental tenets of Hoshin Kanri and Strategic Planning
  • Educate attendees on the use of Hoshin Kanri
  • Educate attendees on the methods for integrating Hoshin Kanri with value stream management, Lean Six Sigma, and balanced scorecard
  • Development of the organization’s first draft of totally participative goals


1. Hoshin Kanri Overview

2. The Hoshin Kanri process

    a. The Deming Cycle and Hoshin Kanri

    b. Creating vision, mission, strategies, objectives, goals, and identifying CTQ’s

        i. Dimensions of time, performance, and change

    c. Creating a goal setting and measurement framework

        i. Using value streams or service oriented architecture

        ii. Using organization structure

        iii. The dimensions of a good measurement program

    d. Identifying, selecting, and communicating goals and metrics

    e. Totally participative policy deployment “catch  ball”

    f. Controlling the policy (Check and Act)

        i. Regular reviews and use of the prescribed quality methodology (PDCA, LSS, etc.)

3. More on measurement. How to do it without creating work.

4. Integrating Hoshin Kanri with Lean Six Sigma, Value Stream Management, and Balanced Scorecards


1. A one to two day workshop for organizations with an existing strategic plan and/or enough market and customer expertise to develop a useful strategy.  A structured discussion of customer, market, regulatory, emerging technology, and other relevant factors to identify the overall strategy for the organization.  This is a true strategy workshop addressing the nature and intent of the organization and how it will perform within the market.  The workshop is intended to generate consensus on a high level plan for becoming the organization of the future.

2. Includes development of strategy artifacts to be used in in Workshop 2 for defining strategic goals and means

3. Note. If your organization does not have existing strategy or strategic market information based on experience and analysis, strategic analysis is required prior to this workshop.


1. Taking strategy and turning it into measureable goals and objectives

2. Identifying the means for achieving goals, timelines, and metrics


1. Cascading development of objectives, metrics, and means up and down throughout the organization

2. Note, this workshop may need to be repeated depending on the size of the organization and the iterations of the catch ball process