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Minitab Data Analysis


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Get the Most from your process data with Minitab analysis

MSI's Minitab Class is designed to take an individual from no knowledge of Minitab software to the point that they can do sophisticated analyses including Design of Experiments.  This is built as a step by step class. The documentation was designed to be used as a step by step reference from the basics through the advanced.  Prior to each Minitab session, is a detailed class on the how and why of the techniques that are covered within that section.  Subject areas covered are as follows, but note: MSI can customize the modules taught to meet your organization's specialized data analysis needs. 

Course Agenda:

  • Day One: Data Analysis Fundamentals, Minitab Layout; Graphical analyses; Basic Stats; MSA
  • Day Two: SPC, Capability
  • Day Three: Hypothesis testing, Power and Sample Size, Model Building (ANOVA, Regression)
  • Day Four: Multiple Regression, DOE fundamentals, Factorial Experiments
  • Day Five: DOE Continued: Response Surface Methodology (RSM), Central Composite Design (CCD)