MSI is an expert solutions provider located in the Washington DC Metro region with nineteen years serving Industry, Federal, State, and Local Government Clients. Our roots are in the solid foundation of operations management and industrial engineering.  As a result, an effective level of analytic rigor and a bias toward results permeates everything we do.  We bring advanced degrees from leading institutions as well as industry certifications in process engineering, strategy, process automation, innovation, technology, facilitation, and workforce optimization to create optimized business solutions.  Our deep expertise and nearly twenty years of expertise yield a significant portfolio of intellectual properties and methods provided to our clients via our service, training, and product offerings.  


MSI’s clients span a wide range of commercial and Federal organizations including telecommunications, healthcare, manufacturing, numerous civilian agencies, and the Department of Defense.

Our years of experience and numerous successes have taught us that doing great work is and should also be fun. A core principle at MSI is to encourage having fun and enjoying the work at hand. Much of what we do improves the work lives of our clients' personnel and it allows us to constantly employ ever-improving methods alongside bleeding-edge technologies to make organizations more productive and individual work lives more enjoyable. Realizing how fortunate we are to provide such solutions to our clients helps us emphasize an environment of shared success and fun that leads to organizational commitment and satisfaction for a job well done.




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