Hoshin Kanri based, proven approach to operationalizing your strategy


The alignment of resources and tasks with strategy and useful goals and objectives is vital to attaining high performance for any organization.  This is a timeless truth.  This truth becomes a high priority in times of constrained resources and declining markets. Organizations that understand this truth and manage alignment in good times are more prepared for downturns in resources and markets and tend to be market leaders decade after decade no matter the market conditions.  Hoshin Kanri is the method by which many market leaders achieve strategic alignment from top to bottom.


The Hoshin Planning process is a systematic methodology for defining long-range objectives.  Typically, this type of planning should result in breakthroughs that meet or exceed stretch goals for growth, profitability or some other strategic objective of the organization.  The process should address needs extending two to five years in the future.


The Hoshin process does not interfere with day-to-day business operations, but provides a two-pronged approach over an extended period of time for organizations to focus on breakthroughs whilst continuously improving key business processes day-to-day.




















The plan is hierarchical, cascading down through the organization and its key process owners.  Ownership of each supporting strategy is clearly identified with measures at the appropriate level within the organization.



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