Tailored for the unique needs of government contractors

MSI is offering an exclusive class for Federal Government Contractors only. In this class, you will learn how to overcome the unique challenges of improving processes within Federal Agencies.


Applying Lean Six Sigma as a government contractor presents a unique set of challenges not found when applying the tools of Lean Six Sigma as an employee in industry or government. A contractor must know how to present information in a way that will win. The ability to present sensitive information and information counter to leadership beliefs is not simple. There are also many practical matters to be addressed such as access to data, knowledge of policy, and acceptance by those who own and operate the processes.


This class covers our standard body of knowledge for a one week Green Belt class as listed within the training catalog.  This covers topics such as project selection, identifying quick wins, quality analysis and measurement tools, process mapping, and identifying waste.  The class is enhanced with specific tips and tactics to overcome challenges such as:


  • Obtaining client data

  • Presenting contentious information

  • Avoiding conflicts of interest

  • Dealing with disruptive insiders

  • Identifying and managing lack of leadership support

  • Maintaining progress without authority

  • Driving implementation without authority


From our convenient location in Reston, Virginia, this class teaches the basic Green Belt concepts found in our industry standard class with additional tips for Government Contractors. The entire class is taught from the perspective of a successful government contractor by our Master Black Belts with proven government experience.





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