Drive results from your manpower investments

Human capital is without question the most important asset of your organization.  With an aging population, global competition, a struggling education system, and ever changing technology your future depends upon creating an agile, capable workforce.  


  • Organizational Design (Delayering, Re-Leveling, Mission and Value Stream Alignment)

  • Human Performance Studies and Improvement

  • Life Cycle Management of Core Competencies

  • Human Capital Assessments (Belbin, Strengths Finders, KAI, Myers Briggs)

  • Coaching and Mentoring


MSI has developed breakthrough methods for large scale shaping, management, and evolution of your human capital.  Our proven methods have reorganized entire organizations and developed mission critical core competencies that drive competitive advantage.  MSI aligns human capital at all levels with your mission now and in the future.  We will show you how to understand and manage proper organizational shape, foster critical core competencies, and create a culture of excellence.

MSI's qualifications with Human Capital Optimization include: Assessment of engineering capabilities for Verizon;  reorganization and alignment of Army Headquarters; Alignment of Army Reserves supporting organizations to mission readiness requirements; analysis and optimization of core competencies at Marine Corps, Navy, and GSA.  


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