Lean Automation

Lean, Six Sigma, and Automation

Lean Automation is a set of methodologies and tools, based on Lean and Six Sigma principles for launch and management of automation initiatives. Lean Automation is a culmination of the Process Automation capabilities and the Process Engineering expertise that MSI has been successfully applying for more than 15 years. MSI applies our proven methods and decades of experience to enable our clients to automate strategically, rather than to succumb to random acts of digitalization. Our methods help to design and automate processes that start quickly, minimize complexity, and rapidly and easily scale to meet client needs. ​This also enables clients to remain technology agnostic and flexible, so that their portfolio is driven by strategy and business needs, rather than being tied down to one technology investment.

The Art of the Possible

Our Lean Automation methodology can be easily applied to the entire spectrum of automation initiatives. Regardless of how complex and sophisticated an automation initiative is, our unique combination of expertise allows clients to strategically and effectively automate. Our methodologies can be applied to the most simple replication of tasks, like desktop macros and scalable RPA initiatives on structured data. However, the capabilities that MSI brings to the table go far beyond the most basic task

automation. With our tools, we can create solutions that use sensors to automate tasks even with unstructured data, taking advantage of machine learning to improve accuracy. This allows for automation that learns, adapts, can set goals, and make decisions in a way that is intelligent, decisive, and imitates humans.

Lean Automation Principles

  • Focus on Value: Understand business goals and value streams. Prioritize initiatives with the highest returns.

  • Create Pull: Get business leaders o drive process automation initiatives through stakeholder engagement.

  • Maximize Flow: Eliminate the wastes of defects, waiting, extra processing, and motion. Create smooth processes.

  • Get Fast Results: Use rapid design and deployment techniques to realize quick wins. Measure results.

  • Seek Perfection: Lay a foundation for integrated, measured, scalable solutions, then drive continuous improvement.



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