Life Cycle Logistics and Supply Chain Optimization


With advanced degrees in operations research and logistics management, MSI has the skill and experience to design and transform the most complex of logistical scenarios.  Our team members are experts in various logistical analysis and optimization methods such as simulation, linear programming, queuing, inventory optimization, Just In Time, Lean, and various shortest path/optimization methods.  We have designed and improved global logistics programs in various industries including food service, energy, telecom, manufacturing, and defense.  MSI has developed our Innovation and Life Cycle Design methodology and toolkit to ensure design and implementation of optimized systems


MSI uses a total life cycle and systems thinking approach to logistics optimization. Our approach addresses the total life cycle and full cost of logistics. We apply activity base costing principles to understanding and managing cost while ensuring quality and alignment with bigger picture strategy using Lean and other optimization methods. MSI's logistics consultants are highly experienced professionals with decades of experience in various industries. From the improvement of your MRO line to the global distribution of perishables, MSI has the ability to design and optimize your logistics program.



Total Life Cycle Management is a management concept encouraged within industry and Government.  As a thought leader in the advancement of management practices, MSI is on the forefront of ongoing development and implementation of total life cycle management practices.  MSI has developed product life cycle and total life cycle management solutions for industry and Government for over ten years. Today, this approach to management is a driving force in Government. 



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