Training Programs Forged by Real World Experience

MSI provides a broad range of industrial and management training programs taught from the practitioner's perspective.  From our training center in Reston Virginia or from the location of your choice, we drive a return on your training investment.


Our successful approach the performance improvement training
is driven by six key attributes of our approach.


  1. An action-oriented hybrid approach that incorporates extensive on-the-job training

  2. A redefining of the typical performance improvement roles, allowing the majority of trainees to apply practical tools to their work quickly and easily

  3. Defining a relationship between training and value added

  4. Creation of internal coaches and mentors that drive geometric growth of performance improvement

  5. Capacity-based and risk/value balanced model for training deployment

  6. A handful of masters that continuously expand the knowledge base and push the envelope through experimentation and introduction of new concepts.








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