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Defense Solutions


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Defense solutions - innovation and design for the total life cycle

As a leader in the application of advanced management sciences within Government, MSI provides a robust suite of integrated capabilities proven to generate innovative, cost effective, life cycle centric solutions and designs.  Innovative Life Cycle Design (ILCD) services incorporate state of the art methods such as TRIZ, Design for Six Sigma, Systems Engineering, and Axiomatic Design with traditional engineering methods to generate more rapid and more complete designs.  We incorporate these methods into Joint Capability Development System (JCIDS) and Defense Acquisitions Processes to drive innovative solutions, useful requirements, and total life cycle designs.

  • Capabilities Based Analysis
  • JCIDS documentation
  • Capabilities Portfolio Management
  • Systems Engineering
  • Product Support Strategies
  • Investment Analysis and Analysis of Alternatives
  • Business Case Analysis
  • Technological Analysis
  • Modeling and Simulation
  • Cost Modeling and Analysis
  • Performance Analysis
  • Contract Development and IV&V

MSI innovates and executes highly capable Defense Solutions and their processes.  With proven successes in urgent systems development and fielding through ACAT I and II program support, MSI has proven leadership in this arena.

Successes include:

  • Lightweight 155 Logistics Optimization
  • Amphibious Assault Vehicle Maintenance Process Improvement
  • Urgent Universal Needs Systems Support and Process Improvement
  • Customization of JCIDS processes and documents at the service level
  • Disposable Materiel Shelf Life Optimization
  • Materiel Requirements Transition Process Design
  • Capability Portfolio Management Implementation
  • Marine Corps Total Life Cycle Management for Ground Systems Program