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Metrics Development


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MEtrics development

Metrics that make sense

There is a lot of talk about metrics in business and government, but how often do the metrics used make sense? How often are they really used to make decisions? How are they best developed and managed?

Further confusing the use of metrics are the various approaches to implementing and managing business metrics. What is the right approach?

Balanced Scorecard
Baldrige Criteria

The truth is that practically every approach to impementing metrics has strengths and weaknesses. They key is to develop and implement a metrics approach that makes sense for your organization. Decision criteria can include things like business type, financial model (cost center, P&L, Gov't), customer types, etc.

MSI works with clients to design and implement metrics management methods that are holistic in nature, that integrate to provide a picture of overall Quality, and are measureable. These metrics must be holistic, accounting for all important aspects of Quality such as cost, performance, and customer satisfaction so that business decisions are not born of myopia. Lastly, these metrics must be measurable without adding cost or disrupting normal business processes.

MSI possesses expertise in the major metrics management techniques such as balanced scorecard as well as in the development of custom metrics systems. Additionally, our consultants bring a set of pre-built templates and tools for requirements implementation and management.