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Process Engineering


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Process Engineering SERVICES

"It's all about process"

As stated by Jack Welch, General Electric's famous CEO, success in business is all about process.

MSI uses our proven methodology to provide process engineering services tailored to the needs of the client. Our approach allows us to create engineered processes with minimal complexity that drive efficient, effective, and ever improving processes. MSI Process Consultants work with client organizations to strategize and goal set, define existing processes, measure existing processes and environments, design improved processes, design improvement processes, implement new processes, and ultimately to help manage the new processes.

Assisting the client with management and improvement of engineered processes is a subtle, but important aspect of our preferred approach. The importance is that MSI works to enable the client to manage and improve processes on their own, rather than relying upon our consultants for continual improvement.

Another important aspect of our process engineering services is our awareness of the cultural impact of process change. Our methodology and our people are acutely aware of the need to address cultural issues associated with such projects. Through our years of experience, we have devised ways of addressing cultural issues and integrated these techniques into our approach, making cultural acceptance systemic and a high priority of our consultants.

MSI Process Consultants are often involved with projects such as large IT projects, Quality improvement projects, and organizational/departmental improvement projects. Leveraging our skilled consultants and our flexible approach, allows client firms to benefit from our investment in process excellence capability as needed without all of the up-front cost.

Every software system automates some process. Don't automate a bad process. Take the time to properly engineering your business process before making that IT investment.