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Process Automation Solutions

Drive cost effective implementation of comprehensive

MSI delivers comprehensive process automation systems leveraging the disciplines of Six Sigma Quality. Processes such as product management, project management, sales, support, capital planning, HR, IT Management, Patient Management, and Quality improvement are being automated by leading firms saving millions of dollars annually.

The MSI Team works with leading process automation software packages and our proven methodology to design, automate, implement, and manage total quality processes. Rather than automating the existing process (paving a cowpath), with confining technology, we first re-engineer the process and then automate with flexible process automation software such as a Business Process Management (BPM) platform such that the new process integrates with others and provides management data for continual improvement.

Your quality team and business managers will find working with our Six Sigma experts and process automation technologies of great benefit.

Why Automate Processes:

  • Forces people into the process, no other way
  • Automates data collection
  • Provides flexibility
  • Monitors and enforces process compliance
  • Provides process documentation in living format
  • Reduces the learning curve
  • Reduces implementation time
  • Reduces cycle time
  • Reduces defects
  • Provides process visibility and enables collaboration
  • Integrates systems at the process layer