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Value Stream Management Executive Training


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Learn Proven Methods for Developing a LSS Culture in Your Organization

Value Stream Management (VSM) is the most advanced form of organizational management to date. It is the fundamental driver for Enterprise Architecture. The world's top corporations and Government organizations are implementing Enterprise Architecture / value stream management to bring process excellence to the strategic level in the organization. MSI is a pioneer in the realm of value stream management and is especially suited to introducing the potential of VSM to executive audiences. Value Stream Management is an organizational management methodology that defines relationships between people, processes, technologies as well as all supplier, inputs, outputs, and customers. Then relates all attributes of the organization to metrics, goals, and objectives. This is a one day manager and practitioners seminar in which executive consultants from MSI will present the concepts of Enterprise Architecture / VSM to organizational managers in a collaborative setting. Attendees will leave this seminar with a strong foundation in this critical new approach to management and will be better prepared to make decisions regarding implementation of organization wide strategic management and operational excellence methods.

Course Objectives:

  • Educate Executives on the fundamental value and use of VSM
  • Educate Executives on the tenets and terminology of VSM
  • Educate Executives on the use of VSM
  • Educate Executives on the generation and analysis of value stream maps
  • Educate Executives on the methods for integrating VSM with Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA)
  • Educate Executives on the methods for integrating VSMs across the enterprise
  • Educate Executives on creating an ideal state process map